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DAISY Winners

Hannah Godfrey Disney, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What her coworkers in the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit (STICU) wrote:

I’ve always heard that there is "someone for everyone," but I never knew how true that statement was until we met Hannah’s patient.

Hannah’s patient was with us for a long time and had multiple medical issues. He could be difficult to work with, and the only one who could get through to him was Hannah.

One day, Hannah was assigned to care for this patient and there was a baby shower occurring in our unit. Hannah decided to take him a slice of cake with his lunch. Immediately, his eyes lit up. For the first time since he’d come to our unit, he said "Thank you."

Hannah made it her personal mission to break through to him. Over the course of his stay she gave him a birthday party, decorated his room for Halloween, and kept his bedside table full of treats.

Hannah taught all of us that he associated food with happiness and always made sure he received special meals from the cafeteria. 

Hannah’s care did not end when her patient left the hospital. She delivered clothes and treats to his nursing home, and generally made sure that he was ok.

It was through her compassion, dedication, and perseverance that this patient was able to regain his independence and rejoin the community.

Cindy Bryant, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What Cindy's co-workers wrote:

A few weeks ago, 5 Heart provided care for a patient being treated for a stroke. One nurse not only cared for the patient, but their family as well. The relationship I watched her build with the family was amazing.

The family bonded with Cindy as she educated them and worked to uplift their spirits.

The family needed a ray of happiness during this time and I saw this nurse give this to them. The patient’s condition deteriorated and he was eventually transferred to a cardiac care unit. Cindy would visit the patient and family while she was working. The family would also visit her and the 5 Heart staff. The patient’s condition improved and was transferred back to 5 Heart.

While caring for this patient, the nurse learned that one of his children was awaiting the birth of a son. The patient’s son mentioned to Cindy that he would love for his dad to see the newborn baby who was born the day before. Cindy worked behind the scenes to accomplish this task, working with nurse managers and the mother and baby unit so this grandparent could see the new baby.

The sight of the baby brought tears of joy. This moment meant so much to the family, and with the help of 5 Tower, this nurse lovingly created a special moment to meet the emotional needs of everyone involved.

I feel Cindy Bryant truly embodies the meaning of the DAISY award through her kind acts and holistic approach to nursing care.

We are so fortunate for Cindy’s nursing care and the relationships that she formed with the patient and his family. Congratulations to Cindy Bryant, our June DAISY award winning nurse!

Donna Walker, RN

Pelham Medical Center

A patient recognized Donna Walker for her patience and understanding through a severely challenging episode. She helped bring peace and hope to the entire family. The family also said she attended the family with an unmatched sense of professional compassion that touched everyone.

Donna Walker is an excellent, experienced nurse. She has impressed everyone at Pelham Medical Center with her eagerness to learn and great, positive attitude. She has a real compassion for her patients and their family members that is obvious by the attention she gives them and the personal level of care she brings to her interactions with patients. Donna is currently working on night shift on the  third floor but often helps out on the orthopedic/surgery floor when needed.

Kerry Byers, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What a patient's family wrote about Kerry:

My father suffered a massive heart attack while on vacation with my mother in North Carolina. He was flown to Spartanburg Medical Center where he was cared for in the Cardiac Care Unit for three days. The two nights he spent in the unit, I stayed by his side as much as I could.

For those two nights he had a nurse who ended up touching my family’s life forever, especially mine. This nurse, Kerry Byers, was there when I cried that first night, not knowing if my dad would wake up. She comforted me the best she could, hugging me, talking with me to keep me at ease, while always asking me if I needed anything.

Kerry helped set up a meeting with the doctor to answer questions for us and stayed with us during the meeting; comforting us the best she could. I stayed the second night with my father, his last night, and I did not want to leave his side, as I did not want him to be alone.

Kerry let me stay at his bedside and hold his hand the entire night, as she tried to make me comfortable the best she could under these circumstances. As my dad’s blood pressure fell, she did what she could to keep my dad stable until the rest of my family could be at his bedside. In the early morning hours, I asked the nurse if we could clean up my dad’s disheveled hair. Without hesitation, she went and got the supplies to do so. Seeing him cleaned up put a smile on my mother’s face when she walked in. This act of kindness touched my family, as it had my father looking a bit more like himself. Later that day I lost my father due to complications from the heart attack. It was the care and compassion given to both my father and our family that shows Kerry Byers is truly a genuine nurse with a caring heart.

Maurice Hood, RN

Post-Acute Division

What Maurice’s co-worker wrote:

On June 20, 2017 around the end of the day, I took a call from a gentleman who stated, "All I want to do is brag, ma'am."

Once the gentleman started talking, it was obvious that our organization was tops in his book. He handed out kudos to Spartanburg Medical Center and home hospice services, but the real reason for his call was to sing the praises of Mr. Maurice Hood.

Maurice was his father’s hospice nurse. His father had passed away the day before. The affection and appreciation this man had for Maurice was truly genuine. Losing his father was not easy, but the care and support his father and the family received through hospice made it a positive experience. This gentleman used the word "love" when he described his father’s feelings toward Maurice.

John Ferreira, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What John’s coworker wrote about him:

John Ferreira took the time to shower a patient who was unable to take a proper bath in weeks.

John took time out of his busy night shift to shower the patient at 3 a.m. and sat with him to make sure he did not fall. The patient had been homeless for a few weeks and had not showered in a week or two. John then went above and beyond by taking this patient’s soiled clothes home with him at the end of his shift to wash them, so the patient would have clean clothes to wear. This act of kindness by John demonstrated qualities of compassion and humility.

John is a new graduate and just started his nursing career a few months ago. He has shown so much dedication and compassion to his patients in these few short months. He is extraordinary, and every time I come in after his shift, all of the patients are extremely pleased with his care. John makes me want to live up to his expectations.

Claire Sellars, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

Claire's work as witnessed by her co-workers:

Recently on 5 Heart we had an emotional patient from New York with a complex history.

The patient was taken from New York in a RV, with no stops for food or pain medicine, to Pelham Medical Center. The patient was transferred to Spartanburg Medical Center. The patient had brain and liver cancer and was in extreme pain. When the patient arrived to 5 Heart, Claire Sellers, RN, sat in the patient’s room and rubbed her head to calm her down and ease her pain.

Claire cared for this patient for three straight days and became familiar with the patient’s needs. She began to advocate for the patient’s comfort. Claire went above and beyond the call of duty because, even though she thought the patient needed comfort care and non-invasive treatment, she maintained her professionalism and provided the care the patient’s family requested.

Claire involved palliative care and advanced care planning in order to provide the patient with the best possible care. Claire also had other patients, but she went above and beyond to create a calming and relaxing space for this patient. Claire proved she was the patient’s advocate, when she supported the patient’s needs when the family members’ wishes were different than hers. This was hard, but she handled it professionally and put the patient first.

Advocating for the patient, Claire contacted palliative care and advanced care planning so the patient’s wished could be honored. 

Irina Surzhukov, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What a co-worker wrote about Irina:

Irina Surzhukov treats patients as if they were her own family. Recently, Irina washed a patient’s hair and applied her make-up, even though she was not the primary care giver to this patient. As a result, this patient felt beautiful and proud of her appearance, even though she was in the hospital.

We recently had a patient who had a long length of stay and required a sitter. This patient loved his nurse, Irina, because she would take him to the Tower Café to eat or outside for some fresh air. This was often done while she was on her own lunch break.  

When this patient was transferred to another unit, Irina continued to visit with him during her lunch breaks and take him outside for a change of scenery.

When rounding on the floor, I always see Irina in her patients’ rooms spending extra time, so she can learn more about them on a personal level. She truly gets to know her patients and their families, while providing each of them with excellent care.

Irina is a team player who always jumps in to help other nurses or PCAs, often before they even ask. She goes above and beyond in all of her work and is truly making a difference in providing patient-centered care.

Sara Gregg, RN

Spartanburg Hospital for Restorative Care

What a patient wrote about Sara:

When I was first admitted to Spartanburg Hospital for Restorative Care for rehab, I had almost no mobility and was bedridden.

The following is just a small example of how she cared for me above and beyond her duties. She always came in with the happiest disposition, extending care and compassion every time she walked in the room. She always made me feel as if my needs and care mattered. She didn’t act like I was a bother or interruption to what she was doing.

She not only treated me with tender loving care, but extended that same caring attitude to my daughter. This was a hard time for my daughter, witnessing me in an altered state of mind. My daughter kept repeating that I was not your typical 93 year old. Sara took time to listen to her and look at pictures and videos of me before surgery.

Sara encouraged me, pushing me along at times. She loved on me and nursed me, but she “CARED” for me above and beyond medical duties. She hugged and comforted my daughter when emotions got the best of her. She never gave up on me. I Iooked forward to when she was working because I knew, not only would I receive awesome nursing skills, but extra caring and a lot of pampering!

Amy Payne, RN

Pelham Medical Center

What a patient wrote about Amy:

I believe wholeheartedly that special nurse Amy Payne should be awarded the Daisy Award. Her name Payne was well played in my visit here, but it was the pains that I had, she took away from me. No matter how many times I hit the call button, she arrived promptly. She never forgot me. She paid very close attention to me, covering me up when I was cold, without having to ask and uncovering me when I was getting too hot.

Amy was always smiling, making me feel comfortable, and even made me laugh at times, when I was down. She noticed I was dehydrated. She then convinced me I needed to drink two large waters in at least two hours. She then brought me them both with lots of ice to make it cold just the way I like it.

Amy always lifted my spirits by saying I was looking better each day. Things like that make you want to fight harder to achieve your goal of getting better. It’s like she was running in a race right alongside me to ensure that I got home safe and sound.

Candice Ezell, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What a coworker wrote about Candice:

A young adult patient was admitted to 4 West on July 14 and was soon diagnosed with a very aggressive lung cancer. The whole floor quickly fell in love with this man, along with his wife and two small children. Although the entire unit provided care, one nurse — Candice Ezell — had an extreme impact on him and his family.

The day after he was admitted, this nurse had to transfer him to the ICU due to breathing issues. The patient was having a hard time and was not feeling well. His nurse offered to pray with him, and he gladly accepted the offer. Candice had only known the patient a few hours and had only been a nurse at SMC for six weeks. She prayed for this patient and his family.

The patient’s wife was so touched by Candice’s kindness. The patient’s condition continued to decline, and he was transferred to the hospice home where he passed away. Candice and the patient’s wife became friends outside of the hospital.

On September 3, Candice had tragedy strike her own family. Her four-month-old son passed away during the night while she was at work. The wife of the patient found out and reached out to the nurse and helped her through her personal tragedy, which included paying for the baby’s funeral.

In only a few hours of caring, Candice had made such an impact on the family that the wife wanted to reciprocate in her time of need.

Lori Whitlock, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

A patient's family wrote about Lori:

On November 2, 2017 our lives were shattered when we found out by a telephone call that our son/brother had been admitted after a horrific car accident. Arriving at an unfamiliar hospital in an unfamiliar city can be very traumatic, but we were greeted like family by all the members of the SMC staff. Tragically, our brother/son was in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a fatal head injury. He was 32 years old. During those horrific few days in ICU, he was pronounced brain dead, and as anyone would expect my family absolutely heartbroken and struggling with our grief.

Everyone was so kind, but the efforts of one individual transcended all others. His nurse was such a comforting and kind soul. We knew our son/brother was well taken care of in her knowledgeable and competent hands. This nurse went above and beyond in every aspect of her care. When one of us broke down, she was there with a hug, comforting word, or box of tissues. When we could not find a hotel, she helped us look for one. This nurse was caring and crying like a member of our family and even called us after her shift to see how we were doing.

After our son/brother was pronounced brain dead, her level of care did not falter. She treated him and even talked to him like he was her family member. Furthermore, she took his handprint and made a print for us, which is something we will cherish forever. I have worked in healthcare for almost 8 years, and I can truly say that this nurse is a special care-giver. We will forever remember her compassion, kindness, and heart. We want you to know that this nurse represents the highest ideals of the nursing profession and that the reputation of Spartanburg Medical Center could not have been upheld any better.

Thank you Lori Whitlock for all you did for our family. Words cannot express how much your care, and you, means to us.

Vanessa Quinn, LPN

Ellen Sagar, Skilled Nursing Facility

A patient’s family member wrote about Vanessa:

My mother became a resident at Ellen Sagar two years ago, at which time I first met Vanessa Quinn. What a blessing she has been! She has gone the extra mile to earn my mother’s trust and treat her like family. Mother will refuse to take certain medications and Vanessa will explain to her why this is something she needs. Then, she will do what Vanessa asks. She is kind-hearted and loving to all.

Vanessa takes the time to really listen to her patients. Sometimes you can see residents competing for her attention. Even if Vanessa is busy, she always acknowledges each person and tells him or her she’ll be with them soon.

When visitors enter Ellen Sagar, Vanessa makes everyone feel welcome with a friendly smile and greeting. I have heard other visitors talk about how wonderful she is too. Vanessa is truly a blessing to Ellen Sagar and deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication to the residents.

Mary Donahue, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What a coworker wrote about Mary:

During a routine commute from work to home, a female driver had a motor vehicle accident and ended up at Spartanburg Regional’s Emergency Center. She arrived battered and bruised with her eyes blackened and swollen shut.

This patient was scared and in severe pain. Her nurse, Mary Donahue, took extra steps to make her comfortable while ensuring she was receiving the best care possible.

After a chest X-ray, it was discovered that her sternum was fractured, which caused the patient constant and excruciating pain. She could not even help herself with simple tasks we take for granted. Mary helped her with many of these activities while maintaining the patient’s dignity.

When this patient’s sternum showed no signs of improvement, Mary and the patient’s spouse advocated for a cardiovascular surgeon to review her case. Because of Mary’s persistence, a cardiovascular surgeon did a consult and surgery was scheduled the following day. During surgery, the surgeon determined the patient’s fracture was much worse than it appeared on the X-ray. Without Mary’s persistence, this patient could have been faced with ongoing immense pain and lifelong problems.

This patient expressed to Mary and everyone on 4 Heart how grateful she was to have a nurse so caring. Thank you Mary for your hard work and all the compassion you show for your patients.

Michelle Flowers, RN

Pelham Medical Center - ICU

A patient wrote about Michelle:

A patient was found sitting in the floor of his room one evening in January. It was concerning to the staff as he had a history of altered mental status and was confused. The patient, refusing assistance, wanted to be left where he was. The nursing staff was concerned with how they were going to get this patient back in bed.

Michelle Flowers, RN, surveyed the patient’s immediate surroundings and concluded he was in no danger. She felt the best course of action was to allow the patient to remain on the floor of his room. Michelle sat in the floor with the patient and interacted with him in a very calm and safe manner. While sitting there, Michelle realized his confusion and agitation could be a result of rising carbon dioxide levels as well as decreased oxygen. Michele shared her thoughts with the physician who then ordered an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG).

A short time later, a respiratory therapist came to the room to obtain the ordered ABG. She was surprised when she saw the patient and his nurse sitting on the floor. The respiratory therapist was initially concerned, since this test is generally more difficult than most. After observing the rapport Michele had established with this patient, she too sat down on the floor and was able to draw the labs ordered.  A nurse educator was witnessing this event and said it almost brought her to tears while also giving her great joy.

The cooperative effort from our colleagues gives us all something to reflect on and think about. A level of trust was established because caregivers showed the patient compassion and respect.  This resulted in delivery of the highest quality health care in a calm and safe environment.  This collaboration would not have worked unless both medical professionals were on the same page of being patient focused.

Erin Tingley, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

A patient wrote:

Erin Tingley, RN, is a breath of fresh air. In addition to being smart, she proactively anticipates her patient’s needs. Erin could assess if I was in pain and provided pain medication before I had to ask.

One day I had not eaten my lunch and became hungry around 5:30 p.m. My tray was still in the room, so I started to reach for it. Of course, the food was cold. Erin immediately intercepted my actions and insisted on finding me fresh food. I later learned she visited three nursing units and found me a fresh turkey sandwich tray with a cold drink.

After several hours of sleep that evening, I woke up very uncomfortable. When I opened my eyes, Erin was there with my medication. She heard me moaning in my sleep and knew I was in discomfort. This nurse’s anticipation of her patients’ needs is absolutely the best!

Erin was my nurse throughout my stay and I was able to sleep peacefully knowing she was monitoring my wellbeing.

Thank you, Erin Tingley, for being such a caring and concerned nurse.

Leigh Long, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

Written by a patient’s family member about Leigh’s care:

Our son was admitted to Surgical Trauma ICU from the ER with bleeding from his ostomy site. He was in the end stage of colon cancer and his liver was beginning to fail.

After one night in Surgical Trauma ICU, he was transferred to the heart center due to high census. It was our good fortune that Leigh Long, RN, was assigned to our son for the three days he was on 5 Heart. Words cannot begin to describe the level of comfort and care she provided to my son and our family.

The surgeon suggested sending our son home because the bleeding had stopped, but Leigh knew we needed help caring for our son. Daily, Leigh advocated for our son and encouraged the surgeon to consult with services that could help our family.

My son was 34 years old and we knew that his time was short. As his family, we felt helpless. Because of Leigh’s diligent care and collaboration with case management and palliative care, a hospice representative came to meet with us.

We cannot express the measure of gratitude we have for Leigh. She provided kindness, patience, and empathy beyond measure. Leigh Long was certainly sent to us at a time when we needed her the most.

Karina Bussard, RN

Pelham Medical Center

Karina has been at Pelham Medical Center for less than a year and exemplifies the caring and giving nature of a nurse.

Karina was in a patient’s room drawing blood. A visitor in the room was having difficulties paying for her meal she had just ordered from the Dogwood Café. The visitor was obviously stressed and embarrassed by this situation. Karina picked up on this and paid for the visitor’s meal with her credit card.

When asked by the visitor how this was so quickly resolved, Karina said that she personally had a similar issue and was happy to help. “This act of kindness had a profound impact on the visitor as well as the associate who delivered the meal. They both nominated Karina for the DAISY award. 

The nomination also highlights Karina’s caring, compassionate and sweet demeanor to all of her patients, guests and colleagues.

Heather LeJune, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What a patient wrote about Spartanburg Medical Center nurse, Heather:

I would like to nominate Heather LeJune, RN, for a DAISY award. Heather was on duty the two nights I spent at Spartanburg Medical Center. She took great care of me and made my stay as comfortable as possible. She was even able to draw my blood with one stick, making it as painless as possible.

Heather went above and beyond by walking my wife to the cafeteria so she could get something to eat. Heather waited on my wife to get her food, and then walked her back to my room in the Rapid Treatment Unit. I felt Heather’s concern was genuine and she was always respectful and professional. Heather always made sure my needs were met and taken care of.

It was the little things that impressed my wife and me, like walking with my wife and taking time to answer questions. Not only did she take great care of me, but she also took great care of my wife. Please let Heather know we appreciate everything she did for us. She was very compassionate and made our stay comfortable. 

Debra Haney, LPN

Post-Acute Division

What a patient’s family member said about Debra:

Ms. Debbie is the best nurse I have ever met in my life. We are so fortunate to have her as my grandmother’s nurse at Woodruff Manor. She treats my grandmother, who helped raise me, like her mom. I don’t worry about my grandma because Ms. Debbie makes sure she is always well taken care of. For the first time in decades my grandma is happy, well fed and always smells great. My grandma is living the good life at Woodruff Manor because of Ms. Debbie. I really love that Ms. Debbie calls me and keeps me informed regarding my grandma’s health.

My grandma is a character and loves to clean, which keeps Ms. Debbie laughing and that makes me so happy. Ms. Debbie is so friendly, warm and nice and makes me feel so welcome.

Thank God for Ms. Debbie!

Sam Barnwell, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What a co-worker said about Sam:

Sam is great! She goes above and beyond to take care of her patients and helps out with all of our patients. Sam recently observed another nurse’s patient who was in need and stepped in to help. This patient was experiencing financial difficulties and needed shoes to wear home from the hospital. On her lunch break, Sam bought the patient a pair of shoes with her own money. When given the shoes, this patient was so elated; she cried tears of joy because of Sam’s thoughtfulness!

I am thankful to work with Sam Barnwell, she is an amazing nurse.

Bailee Black, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

We had a patient admitted into the rapid treatment unit with very dirty clothes and poor hygiene. This patient came from terrible living conditions and had no belongings other than the clothes on his back. This patient’s clothes were soiled, black, and covered with filth, to the point that they were stiff. When the patient was bathed, the water and soap were black from the dirt on his body.

Bailee Black was this gentlemen’s nurse, and she cleaned him and got him freshened up. After finishing her shift, Bailee clocked out and drove straight to Wal-Mart to purchase socks, underwear, shoes, jeans, and shirts with her own money. Not sure if she would see him again, Bailee drove back to the hospital and left the clothing with the gentleman’s on-duty nurse.

This is just one example of the extraordinary care that Bailee gives to all of her patients in rapid treatment unit. She is an amazing nurse and person, and as a new graduate nurse, she is a great example of what every nurse should be.

Gina Powell, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

Submitted by one of Gina’s patients:

From the very first day I arrived, Gina Powell was my nurse. She was very persistent about making sure I understood my condition and helped to educate me on how to cope with dialysis.

When I wanted to throw in the towel and leave against medical advice, Gina would not let me. She knew what to say and then gave me space to think. Gina’s kind words and education helped me change my mind and stay in the hospital. She was more than a nurse — she became a friend and someone I could trust.

One day my husband starting having chest pain while visiting me in the hospital. Gina made sure he got to the emergency room to receive care and she was also a great support to my mother who was also staying with me.

Gina Powell deserves the DAISY award, because she is a super-nurse and extraordinary in every way. She is not just a DAISY, she is my rose. Gina goes above and beyond her call of duty to bless her patients with extraordinary care. She will forever be in my heart.

Sherri Simoni, BSN, RN

Post-Acute Division, Home Health

Submitted by a patient’s daughter:

I am honored to nominate Sherri as a DAISY Award recipient. Sherri provided home care services for my mother. My mother was very resistant to this care, but Sherri exuded compassion, love, and calmness and convinced my mom to allow her to care for her.

Every home visit Sherri made, she entered with a smile and a hug. She always hugged my mother and told her how much she cared about her. She had mom’s best interests at heart. Sherri’s visits were delightful to me, too. Due to Mom’s illness, she was often difficult and I began to have some caregiver fatigue. Sherri’s joyful spirit also made my days brighter. She eased my tension as the sole caregiver. Sherri gave her best to my mom.  

Keith Sirmans, RN

Pelham Medical Center

What a coworker wrote about Keith:

I have worked with Keith for years and have always been impressed with the bedside manner he displays with all of his patients. Recently a very ill patient was in the ICU due to the patient’s rapid decline his death was inevitable.

Earlier in the day, the patient’s wife had given permission to have the patient intubated. Soon after she became very upset and was questioning herself. She felt the patient was suffering because of her decision.

Though Keith was busy, he stopped what he was doing to care for this family’s spiritual and emotional needs. Once other critical patient needs were taken care of, Keith spent more than two hours answering her questions and listening to her cry.

I saw her give Keith a hug and say, “Having someone like you in the room to reassure me and answer all of my questions as well as care for my husband has given me so much peace.” 

The patient passed away a few hours later, but Keith did not stop caring for the family. He continued to offer a shoulder to cry on and kind words of encouragement. After the mortuary left the hospital, the wife came out again and gave us all a hug. She told us she was truly grateful for the staff that was there to help her on the worst day of her life. She said without Keith there to help her; it would not have been bearable. 

I believe that Keith embodies the DAISY Award characteristics. He lives them day in and day out, and his actions often go unnoticed. I was glad I was able to witness and see the impact we, as healthcare providers can have on our families’ through Keith’s excellent example. 

Takasha Blassingame, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What a coworker wrote about Takasha:

Not long ago, we received a patient on our floor who was actively dying. The patient was alone, and we were not having any success getting in touch with family members. Takasha was determined that this patient would not die alone and only left her side for brief moments.

Many of us witnessed Takasha rubbing the patient’s head and holding her hand. Watching her comfort this patient in their last moments, gave me reassurance in the nursing profession.

Though the patient was only with us for three hours, Takasha remained with her until she took her last breath. We witnessed this nurse go above and beyond to provide the utmost care and ensure this patient did not die alone.

Kavitha Thomas, BSN, RN

Post-Acute Division

What a family member wrote about Kavitha:

My dad was moved from 4 Heart to the Spartanburg Hospital for Restorative Care on July 20, 2018.  At 7 p.m. he met Kavitha. He was nervous about being at Restorative Care because he had never had any extended care at this type of facility. He is 89 years old, doesn’t hear well, and couldn’t understand Kavitha’s accent.

Kavitha was his nurse many nights during his stay, and together they learned how to understand each other and communicate well. My dad said Kavitha is a “real nurse.” He said she was professional, “by the book” but also had a gentle nature. 

She was the first person in his entire stay who offered to soak his foot (which had a wound on it). She cleaned between each toe, dried them, and put the dressing back on. My dad was very appreciative of this. Whenever Kavitha was his nurse at night, he knew he would be taken care of, and if he needed something she would help him.

As his daughter, it is comforting to hear that my dad felt cared for and safe while I was away. My dad asked me to write this to honor Kavitha for the extraordinary care she provided to him. She is very worthy of the DAISY Award.

Andrea Alerre, RN

Spartanburg Medical Center

What a coworker wrote about Andrea:

I am happy to be share an encounter about a nurse on our unit, who normally works night shift.  During this particular week she worked five days in a row, not once complaining. I was able to witness her exceptional act of compassion for one of her patients recently. We had a patient on our unit who was very sick and homeless. He needed help with obvious limited resources. This nurse took it upon herself to take this patient’s only clothing and wash it. She bought (without asking anyone for extra funds) brand-new shoes, several pairs of underwear, shirts, a jacket that turns into a pillow, shaving cream, razors, powder, deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, and a hiking backpack to store the items. She and the patient listened to music together and you could tell they were bonding. 

Seeing people strive for what I take for granted reminds me that we are all humans with the same desires willing to help, be helped, and live a comfortable life with what we have.

This was such an impactful and loving act of kindness that it should not go unnoticed. I hope and pray that all nurses exemplify this approach and conduct in such a way as this nurse has. 

Traci Knight, RN

Union Medical Center

What a patient wrote about Traci:

I came in not knowing how sick I was, I was so sick I almost lost my life. This nurse cared for me and comforted me and my family in a way I will never forget. She was very patient, kind, informing on my condition. She is the kind of nurse that any patient should come in contact with especially when you are already experiencing illness, fear and discomfort. I have come across many nurses in my 38 years of life but their faces I will never forget. Thank you.

She was wonderful when I first came back. Bedside manners are great and kind. She saw to all my needs and I was pleased with my care.

She is awesome, very efficient and professional, friendly and caring. I wish all nurses were like her.

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