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Should an on-the-job injury occur, our industrial rehabilitation team offers therapy that is customized to each employee’s unique job requirements to help them recover from their injury and return to work. We not only help your employees return to work as quickly and safely as possible, but we also assist in preventing further injury or recurrence.

Injury Prevention

Our injury prevention services are tailored toward injury avoidance and conservative management of minor musculoskeletal ailments. This includes allowable OSHA first-aid interventions as well as ergonomic consulting and job coaching services aimed at avoiding unnecessary medicalization and recordable injuries.

Our injury prevention team brings with them decades of experience in orthopedic physical therapy, manufacturing and office ergonomics, functional testing, return to work placements of restricted associates, and site-specific injury prevention programming. Our experts have specialized training and certifications in the fields of physical therapy, ergonomics, occupational health, and essential functions testing

Industrial Rehabilitation

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) are used to help the employee and employer determine and match an employee’s capabilities with job requirements to ensure successful return to work placement.

Work conditioning is an individualized, goal-oriented program specifically designed to restore strength, flexibility, endurance and movement after an injury. This helps employees who have been out of work for a significant amount of time who may have experienced functional decline in the injury area, and/or other areas, relative to their pre-out-of-work state. Work conditioning programs address these functional declines and ensure that employees can safely meet the essential functions of their job.

We understand that case management of the return-to-work process after an injury is full of challenges for employers. Each case has unique considerations that can impact the process, and no two cases are the same. We can offer help in guiding these cases, leveraging knowledge and expertise from our rehabilitation specialists and our extensive suite of industrial rehabilitation services.