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Industrial Rehabilitation Injury Reduction

Should an on-the-job injury occur, our industrial rehabilitation team offers services to help your employees recover from their injury and return to work. New partners regularly report that a gap exists between traditional outpatient rehabilitation and what is needed to ensure a successful return to work. We take knowledge of each employee’s unique job requirements and use that to develop an individualized rehabilitation plan tailored to their functional and ergonomic needs. We not only help your employees return to work as quickly and safely as possible, but we also help to prevent further injury or recurrence.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

FCEs are a useful resource in making return-to-work, new hire, disability and settlement decisions for employers. In cases where an employer has a legally justified reason for believing the employee can no longer safely meet their job demands, they may also be used as part of a fit-for-duty assessment. When combined with a validated functional job description, that accurately identifies essential functions, the FCE can give the referring provider and the employer the information they need to make work and return-to-work decisions.

Placement of Restricted Employees

There are many scenarios for employers where they are asked to address employee restrictions. These may be permanent or temporary. These restrictions may be specific, using medical terminology or vague such as “no repetitive work.” These scenarios are not uncommon and may be stressful due to the medical and legal concerns associated with a wrong decision. We offer placement services, with a report that will objectively assess the specific restriction against the specific relevant job demands. This document from a third-party expert can give employers support in their placement decision.

Work Conditioning and Onboarding

When returning to work, employees who have been out of work for a significant amount of time may have functional decline in the area of injury and other areas relative to their pre-out-of-work state. Work conditioning programs address these functional declines and ensure employees can meet the essential functions of their job. Our team completes an evaluation where the employee is assessed on their ability to meet the functions of their position. Often this is done using an essential function test. Any essential functions that are unmet serve as the employee’s program goals. These programs typically run two to four hours, which helps transition the associate from not working to returning to a full schedule. When coupled with case management, this regular touchpoint and feedback plan successfully maximizes return-to-work outcomes.

Employers whose work is characterized by high physical demands may benefit from a new hire work conditioning program or onboarding. New hires are typically coming into a brand-new work environment. Even if employees transfer within the same organization, there are often significant differences in physical job demands from what they have done in their prior position. Onboarding works with the employee on adjusting to these new job demands. Onboarding is especially useful for jobs with a high repetition rate. Employers can review their injury history to determine the number of repetitive stress injuries or postural strain/sprain injuries associated with a high frequency or exposure rate.

Case Management

The return-to-work process is full of challenges. Each case has unique considerations that impact the process, and no two are the same. Our injury prevention staff can offer help in guiding these cases, leveraging knowledge and expertise from our suite of  services. The benefits of utilizing our case management team include:

  • Increased return-to-work outcomes
  • Decreased lost-work-days
  • Decreased modified-duty-days
  • Increased return-to-work placement options
  • Increased sustainability of placements
  • Efficient care coordination across service lines and members of the case management team


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