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Ergonomics, Physical Therapy, & Injury Prevention

Industrial Rehabilitation is a collaboration of experts with specialized certification and training in occupational health, ergonomics and physical therapy offering injury prevention, ergonomic consulting, and rehabilitation. Spartanburg Regional’s Industrial Rehabilitation department provides services within the Corporate Health service line.

The Corporate Health team consists of occupational medicine, primary care services, health and wellness, and industrial rehabilitation. We partner with you and your employees throughout the entire injury prevention and rehabilitation process — including teaching musculoskeletal wellness principles to prevent injuries, aiding recovery from on-the-job injuries and returning to work following an injury.

The Industrial Rehabilitation team develops and implements proven solutions that are evidenced-based and refined with feedback from our more than 1,000 customers with onsite services. We work with your employees on the job site so we can create an individualized plan that addresses their unique needs and work environment.

What are Injury Prevention Services?

Injury prevention uses musculoskeletal wellness strategies to ensure your employees’ safety on the job and to prevent injuries. Musculoskeletal wellness helps employees understand how their behaviors and decision making on the job affects their individual health, safety and productivity. We teach employees how to perform their job functions, as well as activities in everyday life, in an ergonomically healthy and safe way. This helps employees in their overall work and home life, as well as reducing the risk of a more serious condition developing.

What are the Benefits of Injury Prevention Services?

For your company, the benefits of our Injury Prevention program include:

  • Decreased:
    • Injury rates
    • Lost work days
    • Overtime expense
    • Claim costs (medical, legal, etc.)
  • Improved:
    • Employee morale and quality of life
    • Productivity
    • Ownership of plant safety goals
    • Overall health and ownership of individual’s health potential from both an occupational and personal component

What are Industrial Rehabilitation Services?

Should an on-the-job injury occur, our industrial rehabilitation team offers services to help your employees recover from their injury and return to work. New customers regularly report a gap exists between traditional outpatient rehabilitation and what is needed to ensure a successful return to work. Therefore, our physical therapists work with your employees on the job site. We take knowledge of the unique job requirements of each employee and use that to develop an individualized rehabilitation plan that is tailored to their functional deficits and ergonomic needs.

We not only help your employees return to work as quickly as possible, we also help to prevent further injury or recurrence.

What are the Benefits of Industrial Rehabilitation Services?

For your company and your employees, the benefits of our Industrial Rehabilitation program include:

  • Employee’s retain a sense of belonging with your company and co-workers throughout rehabilitation, compared to off-site
  • Maintains employees’ time schedule and other responsibilities consistent with their regular job requirements
  • Facilitates a smooth entry or reentry back into the production workforce while decreasing risk of re-injury or new injury
  • Minimizes loss of overall conditioning associated with prolonged absence from work
  • Addresses injured employee’s specific needs and progress towards performance of job tasks in a safe atmosphere until full integration back into the workforce
  • Simplifies “modified duty” assignments
  • Facilitates objective case management decisions regarding RTW capabilities
  • Decreases injury frequency and severity

What Services and Programs are Offered?

Available onsite or at one of our locations we offer the following:

  • Incident management services provided proactively on production floor
  • Functional job analysis with ADA-compliant job description
  • Development of a pre-work screen
  • Work conditioning (based on essential functions to the job)
  • Functional capacity evaluation (to define return-to-work and fit-for duty options)
  • Injury-specific risk assessment (office and industry)
  • Customized jobsite-based wellness education, including presentations on:
    • Fitness after 40
    • Maximizing safety in the workplace
    • Body mechanics education and training
    • Office ergonomics
    • Developing an ergonomics program
    • Your healthy back
    • Ergonomics to address risk, medical cost and employee productivity