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Spartanburg Regional Heart Center is home to the only American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation certified program in Spartanburg County. Our 12-week Heart Wellness cardiac rehab program helps heart patients make healthy lifestyle changes to improve your life. Rehab includes:

  • Educational classes
  • One-on-one exercise therapy in our spacious Heart Wellness Center with trained staff
    • Individualized exercise prescriptions
    • An appointment with a dietitian
    • Individualized treatment plan that is reviewed by the Medical Director every 30 days.

Our cardiologists and other team members are here to help you reach your goals by:

  • Creating a custom exercise “prescription,” including cardiovascular exercise and strength training.
  • Measuring improvements in body composition, blood pressure and heart rate.

See cardiac arrest survivor Mary Steele’s cardiac rehabilitation experience.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Research shows that cardiac rehabilitation can help:

  • Decrease blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improve heart and vascular (blood vessel) fitness
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduce body fat
  • Reduce repeat hospital stays by almost 50 percent
  • Reduce risk of death by 30 percent
After Cardiac Rehabilitation

After Cardiac Rehabilitation

Even after the completion of cardiac rehabilitation, we continue to help patients transition to a healthier lifestyle. We offer cardiac rehab graduates one free month in our Medical Fitness Program. Many people continue coming in for workouts long after “graduation.” We offer rehabilitation graduates one free month in our medically supervised wellness program.



Some insurance plans cover the cost of cardiac rehabilitation. Please check with your insurer.