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Let us help you  

Your employees are your greatest asset. We have more than 200 years of clinical experience and serve over 1,000 clients. We tailor services to meet your unique workplace needs.

  • Reduce Worker’s Compensation costs
  • Prevent injuries
  • Match employee capability with job demands
  • Comply with OSHA surveillance programs
  • Decrease lost workdays
  • Create a drug-free workplace
  • Improve retention


Our Approach

Comprehensive care

We are your first phone call for any healthcare need. Trust your care to South Carolina’s most comprehensive employer health program. Our philosophy is focused on keeping your team healthy and on the job.

Customized approach

Your business has unique needs. That is why we create a plan that helps you achieve your organization’s health and safety goals. Our experienced team customizes each solution and is ready to identify one for you.

Convenient for your team

Whether we provide a nurse at your business or your employee visits one of our Greenville or Spartanburg-area locations, we offer care that’s convenient for your team. Mobile units can also bring services to your door – reducing valuable time away from work – and our injury prevention team brings services to the facility floor.

Clinical expertise

Our team has certified occupational health expertise at all levels of care, led by a physician who is board-certified in occupational medicine that guides our clinical work with industry best practices and federal guidelines. Experience the difference expert care can make for your employees and your budget. 

Why Employers Love Working with Us

“The team has been doing this for more than 20 years, so I know they understand OSHA regulations and the challenges fire departments face, yet never cut corners. I find comfort knowing they have the backing of a strong medical director who is available to interpret any difficult questions. The mobile unit shows up on time as requested, and they bring everything needed to get the job done. More importantly, their staff not only understands the regulations, but they are genuinely pleasant and professional.”

– Scott Miller

Fire Chief, Boiling Springs Fire Department

Our Services  

Our occupational medicine physicians and specialists work closely with employers to provide the following services:

Workers’ Compensation

Our providers understand the nuances of work-related injury cases and will ensure a thorough and accurate evaluation of your employees’ health. For injuries followed in our office, we resolve cases 29% faster than the national average.

Physicals & Screenings

We are your trusted choice for pre-employment, DOT, firefighter and law enforcement physicals. Our experienced team also performs fit-for-duty, return-to-work and medical surveillance exams.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Substance abuse testing methods include urine, hair, breath alcohol and saliva testing. We provide random drug screen services overseen by our dedicated drug screen coordinator with in-house medical review officer (MRO) services.

Onsite Services

Our team brings care to you through medical clinics and mobile units including acute, preventative, injury prevention, and occupational health care. This efficient model will increase your associates’ quality of life and lower your bottom line.

Injury Reduction

Essential function testing, ergonomic risk assessments and employer-tailored training to maximize safe functional movements for a specific task or job are the top three recommendations to reduce injury risk.

Injury Prevention

Musculoskeletal wellness interventions and proactive ergonomic assessments are delivered onsite. Functional capacity evaluations (FCE) and permanent placement services provide legally defensible verification of return to work.

Education & Wellness

Our clinicians provide nutritional counseling, health screenings for breast and skin cancer, biometric screenings, and health education. These options enhance your workforce wellness culture for optimal engagement.

Additional Services

Various other services include vision, hearing, pulmonary function testing, respiratory fit testing, military/federal agency exams, independent medical exams, X-rays, vaccinations, and TB testing.

From our Medical Director

“Occupational medicine is a specialty that focuses on keeping workers healthy and safe at work. As an occupational medicine physician, it’s my job to ensure a worker is healthy enough to safely perform the job they are being hired for without hurting themselves, their coworkers, or becoming a liability for their employer. At WorkHealthySC, our team has the expertise and serves as medical liaison between the worker and employer. Whether it's a pre-employment physical, complicated workers comp injury, or an on-site visit, keeping workers healthy and working while minimizing OSHA recordables and healthcare costs for employers is what we do best!” 

– Dr. Sajid Pathan