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Brainwave Optimization is a non-invasive process used to achieve greater balance in your brain. Going through emotional or physical trauma or ongoing stress can overwhelm your brain, moving it out of balance and causing it to get “stuck.” Brainwave Optimization harnesses your brain’s natural ability to reset, shift its balance and find deep relaxation.

Brainwave Optimization Improves Your Mind-Body Health

Brainwave Optimization Improves Your Mind-Body Health

Using Brainwave Optimization to help your brain naturally reset can help you deal with ongoing stress from an illness, trauma, work or family issues. Better balance leads to better all-around well-being. Changes and benefits our clients have seen include:

  • More restful sleep
  • Relief of chronic stress, mental chatter and emotional trauma
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Improved intuition and focus
  • Increased optimism, confidence and self-awareness
  • Reduced addictive personality tendencies, like anger, aggression and despair
  • Clearer memory and recall
  • Feeling more decisive and confident
  • Accelerated learning ability
  • A relaxed, long-lasting sense of calm
  • A sense of inner peace and joy that is life changing for some
How Brainwave Optimization Works

How Brainwave Optimization Works

Emotional and physical trauma can impact the way blood flows and information is processed in your brain. Sometimes that means your brain doesn’t receive and process information in a healthy way and becomes unbalanced.

The brain has no way of knowing if it’s out of alignment. Brainwave Optimization’s advanced computing technology helps the brain get “unstuck” by creating an Acoustic Brain Mirror™ for your brain activity, enabling it to become aware of the imbalance. During the Brainwave Optimization process:

  • A trained technician places noninvasive biometric sensors on your scalp to precisely read your brain rhythms.
  • Software translates those rhythms into sounds of different pitch and timing.
  • The sounds are played back to you through earbuds, in real time.
  • This process helps the brain bring itself to a deeply relaxed state.
  • From there, the brain can recognize the imbalance and begin to heal itself by reorganizing its own rhythms to a balance that’s right for you.
  • In balance, your brain can work at its highest level.

Brainwave Optimization includes an assessment and a series of seven, two-hour sessions, usually over a week. You may see changes and improvements after one or two sessions; usually you'll see gradual changes over weeks and months.

A Proven Approach to Better Well-Being

A Proven Approach to Better Well-Being

The Center for Integrative Medicine was the first program in South Carolina to offer Brainwave Optimization. Although it isn't a diagnostic tool, treatment or therapy for medically defined diseases or psychological disorders, Brainwave Optimization has been proven to help the brain rebalance, leading to better all-around well-being.

Breast cancer patients participating in a Center for Integrative Medicine study reported they had more than a 50 percent decline in anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue after Brainwave Optimization. At the end of the Brainwave Optimization sessions, they also saw a significant improvement in their overall sleep—falling asleep faster, sleeping more deeply and longer. At follow up, the patients said their overall sleep was not only better, it had continued to improve.

Clinicians at Wake Forest School of Medicine are among other researchers conducting ongoing studies with findings that support the benefits of Brainwave Optimization.