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SRHS Link Physician Portal

SRHS Link Physician Portal

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System strives to support physicians by providing interactive tools that make working with SRHS’s applications easier.

Log in to the physician portal (through Citrix)

The SRHS Link Physician Portal is a secure web-based application designed to connect independent community physicians and providers and their practices to information stored in SRHS’s EMR for their referred and admitted patients.


Gaining Access to the SRHS Link Physician Portal:

Download the form packet

  • Complete the Clinical Access Request Form (Excel Spreadsheet). Each practice must have one designated Site Administrator. Include practice information and all users for which you are requesting access. Each user role should be listed based on the following chart. Do not use "Other" for a role.
  • Complete the Clinical Access User Agreement.
    • Complete one copy of Page 3 of this form. The Participant on this page should be the Owner, a Physician, CEO, or Administrator.
    • Complete one copy of Page 4 for each user you are requesting access for. On this page, the Authorized User section should be completed by each individual user. The Participant section should be completed by the same individual that completed Page 3.
  • Scan the printed and signed Clinical Access User Agreement.
  • Send an email to [email protected] that includes:
    • Clinical Access Request Form (Must be in Excel Spreadsheet format. Do not scan.)
    • Clinical Access User Agreement scanned documents
    • You can use our easy Email Template included in the form packet.

After approximately 10-15 days each Participant and Authorized User will receive a letter from SRHS with their new log-in User ID and Password to access the new SRHS Link Physician Portal.

* DO NOT submit an access request for any providers/users who already have Epic access at SRHS. (Submitting a request for a provider/user that already has EPIC access through SRMC will result in loss of primary access to the system. If a user already has EPIC access they do not need access to SRHS Link Physician Portal.)