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Would you like to thank someone?

Has someone at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System provided you with exceptional patient care, made sure you were comfortable, or listened to your concerns? Would you like to recognize a nurse or associate who provided exemplary service during your visit?

Choose the appropriate option below, answer a few questions, and we will relay your compliment to our team!

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About each award type:

  • The DAISY Award (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) is an international recognition
    program that honors and celebrates the compassionate care nurses provide every
    • The DAISY Award committee is looking to recognize nurses who exemplify the following characteristics:
      • Established a special connection with a patient/family
      • Has significantly made a difference in the life of a patient
      • Shows empathy in all situations
      • Is an outstanding role model for the nursing profession
      • Generates enthusiasm and energy towards meeting the challenges of nursing
      • Consistently exhibits excellent interpersonal skills 
      • Exemplifies the essence of professional nursing in all activities 
    • Examples of DAISY nominees would include RNs, a nurse manager, etc.
  • The PETAL Award recognizes, rewards and celebrates the special skills and compassionate care that clinical staff provide throughout our health system. This award highlights the essential associates who serve our system with their invaluable skills and training to offer supportive care to patients and their families. The PETAL Award is just one small way of recognizing these staff members who allow us to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to every patient’s care.
    •  The PETAL award recipient demonstrates:
    • Examples of PETAL nominees could include a physical therapist, an imaging associate, patient care associates, etc.
  • The BEE Award recognizes non-clinical support staff who exemplify any or all our core values: Compassion, Collaboration, Accountability, Integrity, Respect and Stewardship. BEE award winners exceed the standards of behavior, serve as mentors or role models and volunteer for duties outside of his/her department.
    • The BEE Award Recipient is: 
    • Examples of BEE nominees could include food, transport or environmental services, interpreters, patient access associates, etc.
  • The KEY Award recognizes our outstanding associates.
Type of Award
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