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Lymphedema care is provided by a team of experienced physical and occupational therapists who have advanced training/certification in lymphedema management.

Lymphedema Rehabilitation Therapy Goals

Lymphedema Rehabilitation Therapy Goals

  • Teach patients about the lifelong nature of lymphedema
  • Initiate manual lymphatic drainage to help move fluid from the affected area
  • Use compression bandaging to reduce the affected area
  • Reduce swelling in affected area as much as possible
  • Teach patients how to select and use effective compression garments
  • Self-care skill development, including ongoing self-management program

Specialized Programs & Services

  • Low-level laser
  • Compression pumps
  • Complete decongestive therapy
Common Diagnoses

Common Diagnoses

  • Cancer-related lymphedema
    • Especially following lymph node removal or radiation treatment
    • Will affect the trunk or the extremity closest to the area where lymph nodes were removed/treated
  • Primary lymphedema
    • Inherited, genetic-related
    • May affect any region or extremity of the body
  • Edema
    • Swelling caused by excess fluid, most often in arms or legs
    • Can be caused by an underlying disease, such as venous insufficiency
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