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Mid Back Pain for Website


Your thoracic spine runs from your collar bones at the base of your neck to your belly button. This area of your spine is considered your “mid-back.”

Like other parts of your spine, your thoracic spine includes bones and discs. These discs act as shock absorbers between each bone.

Conditions affecting your thoracic spine can cause pain and may lead to significant weakness in your legs. For some, thoracic spine conditions can make it hard to walk. Common conditions of the thoracic spine include:

  • Thoracic calcification — pushing on the spinal cord (also called ossification of the ligamentum flavum)
  • Thoracic disc herniation — bulging of the discs between the bones of the middle back
  • Thoracic fracture — compression or collapse of a bone in the middle back

Thoracic spine conditions can be inherited from family (genetic). They can also occur due to aging and age-related conditions, like osteoporosis. Other causes of thoracic spine conditions include injuries or accidents. Even certain twisting motions, laughing, coughing and sneezing can cause injuries to the thoracic spine.

Pelham Medical Center’s spine team uses a variety of treatments to care for thoracic spine conditions. These include acupuncture, chiropractic care, dry needling, medication therapy, physical therapy and surgery.