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The following is only a summary of benefits available to House Staff. Benefit information will be covered in depth during orientation sessions.



Salary is commensurate with other residency and fellowship programs in the state. First year resident salary is $60,315. Fellow salaries are $69,035. Please contact us for more information related to resident and fellow salaries.



SRHS offers a choice of medical plans for resident/family coverage. The plans vary in the benefit provisions and the premium amounts. Coverage for health insurance (medical, dental, and prescription) begins on the first day of the month following your employment hire date with SRHS. For most residents/fellows, that will be July 1. See HR Benefits Information Guide for details.

Life Insurance

See HR Benefits Information Guide for details.

Disability Insurance

See HR Benefits Information Guide for details. Residents must opt-in and will have a waiting period of 28 days (20 working days) before they are eligible for short-term disability benefits. Vacation & sick days will be used to cover the 20 days; remaining days will be unpaid.

Travel Insurance

Residents traveling to educational seminars, recruitment events, professional meetings or other pre-approved hospital business are covered by State Workman’s Compensation, and by additional accidental death coverage.

Time Away

Time Away

All residents receive twenty (20) paid time off days per academic year. These do not roll over. Paid time off (PTO) is defined as time absent from duty. See GMEC Policy for details. 

Residents are entitled to six (6) paid hospital holidays (New Year, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) or compensatory time off if worked. If the schedule requires working on a designated holiday, that day will be substituted within 30 days or within the next available rotation.

Medical, Parental, & Caregiver Leave is permitted from training for certain significant life events. Length of absence will be reviewed with the resident, Human Resources representation, the Program Manager, the Program Director and the Director of Medical Education (DIO). PTO days will be used.  Note: Use of family and personal leave does not waive program or specialty board eligibility requirements. See GMEC Policy for details.

Other Benefits

Other Benefits

Child Development Center

The Ida Thompson Child Development Program (CDP), managed by Bright Horizons, offers full and part time care to children of hospital employees. The program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The CDP offers a full range of developmental programs for children from ages 3 months to 12 years. Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (SRHS) is one of the few employers in South Carolina that offers on-site childcare for employees. A current fee schedule can be obtained by contacting the CDP at 864-560-4160 or 864-560-4142. It may be necessary to place your child on a waiting list until space is available for your child. If interested in enrolling your child, contact the CDP as soon as possible. In addition, ask your residency Program Manager/Coordinator to notify the CDP of your acceptance in the residency program; that notification is necessary for your child to be placed on the waiting list.

Direct Payroll Deposit

All employee paychecks are automatically deposited in their bank of choice.


Discounts are a unique benefit for SRHS employees. Area businesses have been contracted to give SRHS employees agreed upon discounts. Typically, you can present your official SRHS ID badge to receive a discount at participating locations. A complete list of participating vendors is available on the HUB.

Free Parking

There is free parking in the Doctor’s parking in designated areas in the main parking garage with covered access to the Medical Center’s main entrance.

Employee Health Services

Employees receive immediate evaluation and first aid treatment of illnesses and accidents while on duty.

Health and Wellness Programs

Programs relating to stress management, exercise, nutrition, smoking cessation and general health are offered. Costs range from free to a small fee.


Flu shots are available annually for employees as well as vaccines against tetanus, pneumonia, and hepatitis B.

Lab Coats

An initial supply of two (2) lab coats is provided to PGY-1 residents. Plus, one additional lab coat for each year past the first. Laundry service is provided for lab coats.

License Fees

SRHS assumes the as needed cost of: ACLS certification and recertification; PALS certification and recertification; South Carolina license (limited license annually, or SC permanent license and registration, as appropriate); SC controlled substance registration annually; Federal DEA registration; USMLE III/COMLEX Step III. In addition, certain specialty-specific expenses/certifications are paid.


Meals are provided to House Staff at no charge in the hospital cafeteria, Physicians’ Dining Room and Tower Café, if name badges are worn. SRHS provides the residents with access to free meals while on duty.

Payroll Deductions

For convenience, the cost of many benefits, such as insurance, childcare, prescriptions, credit union and others can be automatically deducted from your payroll earnings.

Physical Examinations

Employees receive a free health assessment including blood work, TB assessment, an observed drug screen, vision screening, and a medical history. An exam by the Employee Health (EH) physician may be required.

Prescription Service

For cost-savings and convenience for the employee, prescriptions should be filled at the Employee Hospital Pharmacy, 1st floor of the Physician Office Building. Payroll deduction is available. See HR Benefits Information Guide for details.

Professional Liability Insurance

SRHS is considered a governmental entity. Any employee of a governmental entity, including a physician, is exempt as an individual named defendant in a civil action (medical negligence/malpractice) suit, unless malice or gross neglect is substantiated. Please notify General Counsel’s office or Risk Management, if you are served notice of a lawsuit in which you are a named defendant. The SC Tort Claims Act does not protect employees from criminal claims brought against the individual. External “Moonlighting” activities are not covered by this policy.

Recreational Benefits

Membership at a local health and exercise facility is provided at no charge to House Staff and their families. Ability to play golf as a “guest” is available at a local country club golf course. In addition, an in-house Employee Fitness Gym is available for residents and associates on the 2nd floor, Main Building.

Transition Allowance

On campus housing is not provided. A one-time payment of approximately $2,500 (not subject to Retirement tax, but all applicable taxes withheld) is provided to the first-year resident/fellow to defray the resident/fellow expenses while transitioning to appropriate living arrangements in the Spartanburg area.


See HR Benefits Information Guide for details.

Tax Savings Plan

SRHS offers several tax savings plans for employees. See HR Benefits Information Guide for details.

Safe Environment

The Safety and Security staff uses the most modern methods and equipment to ensure personal safety and property protection. Anyone may contact the Security Office and ask for an escort at any time they feel the need. The Security Office can be reached by dialing 66333. For the Emergency Operator, dial 3333.

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News & Highlights

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