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An Extra Measure of Support to Help You Succeed  

An Extra Measure of Support to Help You Succeed  

When you join our team, your nursing career starts strong and keeps on growing. We provide a yearlong Transition to Practice program for new graduates and nurses with less than 12 months of experience. It begins within just a few months of your start date.

Our Transition to Practice Nurse Residency program is based on the American Nurses Association and American Nurses Credentialing Center evidence-based guidelines for Nursing Transition to Practice.


About our program

  • No application to the Transition to Practice Program is required! Apply and accept an offer to the unit and campus of your choosing when you are ready.
  • No employment contract is required to begin the program.


The Transition to Practice Program includes:

  • Important education presented “conference style” for all nurses, including communication, legal documentation, ethical decision-making, social media & HIPAA, clinical judgment and more.
  • Patient-focused Pathways are skills-based education courses to enhance your knowledge of the patient population you care for daily.
  • Training from content experts, including physicians, hospital attorneys, legal nurse consultants and experienced nurses.
  • Immersive educational opportunities, including simulation, real-life case studies, interactive games and hands-on skill building.
  • Cohort with all new graduate nurses across the hospital system to gain a better understanding of our healthcare system and the continuum of care.
How We Help You Transition to Practice

How We Help You Transition to Practice

Your first nursing job is an exciting milestone, but it can seem overwhelming at first. Learn more about how our program smooths your transition from newly minted graduate to accomplished and confident RN:

  • Transition to Practice Nurse Residency Training and Career Pathways - Take a closer look at our Nurse Residency Program, including specialized training opportunities and subspecialty pathways.
  • How to Join – To find your best fit, explore all of the career opportunities at Spartanburg Regional to discover the right nursing opportunity for you. Learn more about applying for a job and beginning transition to practice at Spartanburg Regional.
  • What to Expect – Ready to get started? Find out what to expect during your nurse transition to practice pathway, from day one through graduation.
Contact Us

Contact Us

For questions about this program, contact
[email protected]