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Our injury prevention services offer your employees the best in comprehensive musculoskeletal wellness and provide practical strategies and solutions to help keep your employees’ safety on the job. With a focus on preemptive care, we help train your employees to understand how their behaviors and decision-making on the job affect their health, safety and productivity. Our certified staff members assess and guide your employees on how to perform their job functions and activities in an ergonomically healthy and safe way, aiding them in their overall work and home life to reduce the risk of a more serious condition developing.

Why work with us?

As an experienced provider of comprehensive injury prevention and safety consulting, we offer: 

  • Customized solutions that fit your unique industry and workplace needs 
  • Access to our team of leading experts well-versed in ergonomics and injury prevention 
  • Comprehensive care to address immediate concerns and long-term solutions for your employee's workspaces 
  • Collaboration between our local staff and your workplace ensure effective safety protocols and solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations 
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Our training and education services include:

Our training and education services include:

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Wherever your business is located, we have you covered. Let us customize your occupational services program today and keep your workforce healthy and productive.

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