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At Spartanburg Medical Center, we understand it can be scary if your baby needs treatment in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). That’s why we do everything we can to make your baby and family’s stay with us as comfortable as possible.

Our team provides a full range of highly specialized medical services in one place, which means we care for the very smallest and sickest babies, including newborns who:

  • Need a machine to help them breathe (require conventional or high-frequency assisted ventilation)
  • Undergo surgery
  • Require nitric oxide therapy to help combat lung problems
  • Require cooling for neonatal brain injuries
  • Have hereditary metabolic disorders
  • Need highly specialized care for complex medical problems
  • Were born prematurely
  • Have feeding and temperature instabilities
Putting Families First

Putting Families First

We are a Baby-Friendly® unit that emphasizes family involvement. We consider parents to be core members of our NICU care team. We strongly believe that your family’s participation on the team improves your baby’s care.

As a NICU parent, you can be as involved in your baby’s care as you want to be. Every family chooses the level of involvement that’s right for them. We invite you to:

  • Attend daily shift report
  • Participate in your baby’s care
  • Change diapers and take temperatures
  • Participate in parent support activities, including speaking with a parent mentor or attending educational and support meetings

Our support team — including chaplains, social workers and language interpreters — are here to help you throughout your baby’s hospital stay. Current and former NICU parents are also available to share their experiences and answer questions.

A Highly-Specialized Team to Serve Very Special Patients

A Highly-Specialized Team to Serve Very Special Patients

Spartanburg Medical Center offers a 35-bed Level 3 NICU, which means we care for the sickest babies in the community we serve. We have a neonatal ground transport team to ensure your baby is in the right place to receive the best care possible. We also have the most advanced neonatal transporter that includes the capability to start head cooling for hypoxic brain injuries in the field, which can reduce long-term damage.

AngelEye® Camera System

AngelEye® Camera System

Our NICU is equipped with 35 AngelEye® cameras, so parents and families can stream live, secure video feed of their baby 24 hours a day. AngelEye cameras feature:

  • Direct audio allows parents to speak to their baby in the NICU
  • Virtual rounding and updates via video message from physicians and staff to keep you updated on your baby’s progress
  • Access from any Internet browser after setting up an account
  • Accounts available for extended family members and friends, always controlled by parents

The NICU staff will provide you with your specific AngelEye login information.

Innovative Neonatal Massage Program

Innovative Neonatal Massage Program

Our new neonatal massage program emphasizes family nurturing opportunities. Massage therapy in infants promotes positive long-term development of the infant and gives families the opportunity and tools to bond with their infant.