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Our highly-skilled and experienced team of surgeons, specialists and nurses have performed thousands of computer-guided surgeries using the da Vinci and Mazor surgical systems. These computer-guided tools provide our surgeons with unparalleled precision, dexterity and control enabling complex surgical procedures with smaller incisions. For our patients, this means less pain, less risk of infection, less scarring, a faster recovery time, less blood loss, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to work and activities. 

The two types of innovative computer-guided surgery systems at Spartanburg Regional are the da Vinci and Mazor surgical systems. These systems give us a range of tools and choices to make the best surgical plan for each patient. Other common terms for computer-guided surgery are “robotic surgery,” “minimally invasive surgery” and “robot-assisted surgery.” 

Da Vinci Surgery System

Da Vinci Surgery System

Your surgeon has 100 percent control of computer-guided tools of the da Vinci surgery system. The computer helps the surgeon by translating the surgeon’s hand movements into smaller, more precise movements that control the tiny instruments inside the body. For this reason, computer-guided surgery is better than the human hand for many types of surgery. 

Spartanburg Regional has invested in two da Vinci® Si™ Surgical Systems for its robotic surgery program. Key advantages to patients and their healthcare team:  

  • The computer-assisted controls give the surgeon flexibility and precision that is greater than even the human hand.
  • The surgeon has a 3 dimensional, high-definition view of the surgery, and can magnify the view up to 10 times when needed.
  • Da Vinci system also has special features to provide the surgeon a clear view of intricate blood vessels, for example. This is possible through an additional computer-guided procedure, a type of medical imaging called fluorescence.
Mazor Surgery System 

Mazor Surgery System 

For spine surgery, the Mazor Renaissance™ Guidance system is the latest addition to Spartanburg Medical Center’s extensive computer-assisted surgery program. 

  • Mazor system is the only guidance system of its kind to have federal approval from the FDA for spine surgery.
  • We’re the first in South Carolina to offer this state-of-the-art technology for spine surgery.

Key advantages to you and your healthcare team:  

  • Before surgery, the medical team pre-plans the operation using the specialized Mazor computer software. They take a CT scan with a 3-dimensional (3D) view of the spine. The computer then creates a 3D computer simulation of the patient’s spine that the team then reviews.
  • During surgery, the Mazor computer guides the surgeon’s hand and tools to the precise pre-planned location, where the surgeon begins the operation.