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Telepsychiatry is the delivery of behavioral health care through the use of smartphones, tablets and computers. Medical Group of the Carolinas – Psychiatry offers secure, private video appointments at select Medical Group of the Carolinas physician practices. Appointments are similar to in-person psychiatry services; the main difference is that the provider is not physically in the room with you. Instead, they use a device with a webcam and a secure connection to the internet to talk with you over video.

Telepsychiatry makes it possible for you to receive care at a time and location that is convenient to you. It is a great tool for helping people receive mental and behavioral health care by bringing the specialists right to you. Our telepsychiatry providers are experts in their field and trained in providing quality care through technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance plan pay for telepsychiatry?

Many insurance plans cover telepsychiatry services.  We will verify your insurance benefits prior to scheduling your initial appointment.

What happens during a telepsychiatry session?

Telepsychiatry services are similar to in-person psychiatry services. A staff member will introduce you to the psychiatry provider and will be available if you have questions or need assistance during the session. The telepsychiatry provider will ask you about the issue that brought you in today, about your past, your thoughts and feelings, and about your physical health. They do this to gain understanding of your situation and determine how they may be able to help.

How long will the consultation last?

The length of your visit will typically last 30 minutes, but will vary based on the reason for your visit.

How will my medical records be updated?

Your records will be updated in MyChart by your telepsychiatry provider just as they would for any in-person session with a Medical Group of the Carolinas provider.