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Just as you care for our community and patients, we want to express our gratitude for all that you do. You have pulled together with the community to battle a pandemic. In addition to health insurance and PTO, Spartanburg Regional is proud to offer additional discounts, programs, and benefits for all associates.



Employee Discount Tickets and Program

Spartanburg Regional associates are eligible for discounts and many area businesses and restaurants.

Employee Wellness Program

Employee Wellness Program

My Pathway to Health 

A free software/app for associates. Associates may review their wellness requirements, earn points and track wellness activities. To log in, download the My Pathway to Health mobile app from your iOS or Google Play Store or visit My Pathway to Health

Learn more about the Employee Wellness Program.

Wellness Prize Site

Associates may redeem wellness points for prizes such as kitchen utensils, camping gear and sporting equipment. Points may be earned by utilizing My Pathway to Health.

Free Labs (Lipid Profile and Hemoglobin A1c)

If an associate chooses to enroll in the Wellness Program, they will receive free labs (Lipid Profile and Hemoglobin A1c) at Employee Health during their birthday month annual visit. Associates should call 864-560-6192 option 1 to schedule their appointment.

Employee Wellness Program (EWP) Hub Page

This hub page lists wellness opportunities, videos, wellness links and other wellness resources. Associates can locate the EWP hub page by searching under "Departments" on the Hub homepage. 

Work Life Balance (WLB) Hub Page

This hub page offers resources for associates in six different areas: Time Management, Family Wellness, Physical Wellness, Nutritional Wellness, Emotional Wellness and Financial Wellness. Associates may locate the WLB Hub page by searching under "Favorites" on the Hub homepage.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Palmetto Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Offers associates six free confidential sessions with a counselor on topics such as family, financial, work and stress. Call 866-216-1996 to be set up with a counselor. You can also reach out to a counselor directly by visiting their website.

Mindful Matters

Mindful Matters is a digital experience available for all associates, providers and their families. It offers tips, articles, videos and other resources to help live a balanced life. You can:

  • Access local resources available in the Upstate
  • Discover helpful coping strategies for working during COVID-19
  • Build resilience against the pressures in life
  • Learn about stress, anxiety and depression

Click here to sign up for Mindful Matters today. Use code “SRHS.”

Free Depression/Anxiety Screening

Free confidential and virtual screenings. Contact Kaitlyn Blanco-Silva at 866-216-1996 and press option 2 for an appointment. Appointments last approximately 30 minutes and may be scheduled Monday – Friday.

Stress Management Videos

6 Minute Mindfulness Created by YogaUNME for associates.

Fitness Rooms

Fitness Rooms

Employee Fitness Rooms

Associates enrolled in the Employee Wellness Program earn free access to the Employee Fitness Rooms at Spartanburg Medical Center (SMC), Pelham Medical Center (PMC) and Union Medical Center (UMC). If you are not enrolled in the Wellness Program, you may pay a $30 yearly fee. These fitness rooms are open 24/7 and require badge access. To set up the fitness room access, please contact Misty Sloan at 864-560-1485

Heart Wellness (Pearl Street)

Associates have free access to Heart Wellness (cardio and weight equipment). Please contact Heart Wellness staff at 864-560-4250 for more information, hours of operation or to sign up.

Discounts at Local Fitness Centers

Some local fitness centers offer SRHS associates a discount on their membership or fees.

On Campus Wellness

On Campus Wellness

Inside Walking Track at SMC

Wellness created an inside walking track on the 2nd floor of SMC. The track travels through the main building, Regional Outpatient Center, Heart Center hallway and the Tower. Follow the signs to make an approximate ½ mile loop.

Wellness Stairwells at SMC

Associates and visitors may use the wellness stairwells located in the Tower, SMC main building, Regional Outpatient Center and Heart Center. These stairwells display colorful pictures and motivational quotes to keep you moving on your fitness journey.

Outdoor Walking Trail at PMC

Take a 0.7-mile stroll in the area behind PMC. It is free for associates and community. The walking path does not have trail markers, but is visible in the wooded area.

Walking Loop Beside SMC Parking Garage

The walking loop beside the SMC Parking Garage is approximately 1/10 of a mile. It is free for associates and the community.

Liberty Park Loop

The Liberty Park Loop is located beside Heart Wellness at 299 E. Pearl Street. This loop is approximately 1/3 mile and is free for associates and the community.

Mary Black Walking Trail

The Mary Black Walking Trail begins in front of the SMC – Mary Black Campus (around the pond). It is free for associates and the community.



Whole Food Plant-Based Station in SMC Cafeteria

This station is located in the main cafeteria at SMC and offers different whole food/plant-based options each day.

FIT Criteria in SMC Cafeteria and Tower Café

Morrison Food Services utilizes FIT criteria to identify healthier options. FIT compares calories, saturated fat and sodium.

Healthy Monday at Dogwood Café

Each Monday, the PMC Dogwood Café offers healthier options.

Vending Machine Options

Healthier Choices are identified in the vending machines with a green icon. Healthier beverages (like water, juice or low-calorie drinks) are the top choices in the machine.

Marvin’s Produce

Associates may purchase a $15 box of fruits and veggies at the SMC Tower Café or PMC (see Emily Cook). 



Veg Edge

Have you considered following a plant-based diet, but you don’t know where to start? We’ve got the tools, insight, and expertise to make the change easy and enjoyable. During our monthly online class, rotating topics will be covered to help answer your questions and provide helpful advice. Plus, we will share recipes and techniques to help you follow a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. The virtual class is held the last Wednesday of each month at 12 p.m. Visit to sign up. Call the Heart Resource Center at 864-560-4472 for more information.

Heart Matters Online Support Group

This support group is for women with or at risk for heart disease. For more information, visit or call the Heart Resource Center at 864-560-4472.

Mother/Baby Virtual Classes

A variety of classes are offered for new or expecting moms. Visit for more information.

Diabetes Wellness Circle

MGC Diabetes Education offers two virtual classes each month. Visit to view upcoming classes.

Pre-Diabetes Workshop

MGC Diabetes Education offers a one-hour group class to answer questions about pre-diabetes. It is held on the first Monday of each month at 10 a.m. Call 864-849-9705 for more information.

Prevent T2

Make lasting changes to decrease your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. Call MGC Diabetes Education at 864-560-6419 for more information.

Virtual Home Workouts

Virtual workouts were designed by Sports Medicine Institute for associates to complete at home. Associates may find the link on the Employee Wellness or Work Life Balance Hub pages.

Sports Nutrition with Sports Medicine Institute

Offering customized meal plans with personal coaching. Call 864-560-5700 for more information.

Yoga with Sports Medicine Institute

Classes are offered at Upward Star Center Monday - Thursday. Please call 864-560-5700 to register or for more information.

45-Minute Chair Yoga

This video was created by YogaUNME for SRHS associates.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Services

We offer both surgical and medical weight loss options. Associates can receive free or discounted services for the program. For more information, call 864-560-7070

Naturally Slim

A free virtual weight loss program focusing on portion control and learning why we eat when we eat. Naturally Slim is offered to Health Plan participants three times per year. Associates with a BMI below 30 may apply.

Fitness Challenges

Fitness Challenges

Annual Challenges

We offer these challenges annually. Our July fitness challenge was designed to get associates moving. Associates had four options for a chance to win prizes (Gift cards and fitness gear): 

  1. 12 visits at Employee Fitness Rooms (SMC, PMC, UMC)
  2. 12 visits at Heart Wellness 
  3. Log 360 minutes of activity in the wellness software during July 
  4. Walk 200,000 steps during July

How the Grinch Stole Pounds

Weight challenge for associates that runs from before Thanksgiving until after New Year’s Day. The goal is to maintain your weight. 

Preventative Health

Preventative Health


Our system benefits, through Healthscope, covers these preventive visits:

  • Mammogram – Women, one per year for ages 40+
  • Colonoscopy – one every five years for ages 50+
  • PSA – Men, age 40 if at high risk, otherwise, at age 50
  • Well visit with primary care provider – annual physical, one per year, any age
  • Pap Smear – Women, 1 per year

Time Management

Visit the Work-Life Balance Hub page for resources on managing your time.

Fifty Upstate

Engaging the 50+ community. For more information visit or call 864-560-6761.

Care Management

Care Management

CarePlus Hypertension Management Program

Spartanburg Regional designed a program called CarePlus for covered employees and dependents with a diagnosis of hypertension.  Successful participation in the CarePlus program provides an opportunity for diabetics to receive their hypertension-controlling medications purchased at no cost.  Call 864-560-6042 for more information.

Maternity Management Program

For a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby; this program is offered to all associates and covered dependents. Participants receive incentives for completion of the program. To enroll, call 864-560-6042, option 3, within the first 16 weeks of pregnancy.

CarePlus Diabetes Management Program

Spartanburg Regional designed a program called CarePlus for covered employees and dependents with a diagnosis of diabetes. The CarePlus program provides education and routine clinical diabetes management with the hope of helping you improve your health and minimize the future potential for negative effects of this illness. Successful participation in the CarePlus program provides an opportunity for diabetics to receive their insulin controlling medications and supplies purchased at no cost. Call 864-560-6042 for more information.

MGC Diabetes Education

Diabetes education helps people with diabetes learn how to manage their disease and be as healthy as possible by focusing on self-care behaviors and designing specific plans that include the support and tools you need. Call 864-560-6419 for more information.

Pre-Diabetes 10-minute Educational Video

This video was created by MGC Diabetes Education to help explain pre-diabetes to our associates.

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation

Associates are eligible for a free visit with a nurse practitioner in Employee Health to discuss options for quitting tobacco. Call 864-560-6192 option 5 for an appointment.

Free Nicotine patches, gum, lozenges are available in the SRHS Employee Pharmacy if the associate has a prescription (prescription may be obtained with a nurse practitioner in Employee Health or primary care provider).

News & Highlights

News & Highlights

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